Course Taught 2016-17

Honors Seminar (Psyc 349/449)

Honors Seminar (Psyc 349/449) is a two-term course that is a required component of the 2-year honors program in Psychology. The course provides an orientation to psychological research, with special emphasis on ongoing research within the department; effective presentation of research findings, both oral and written; and critical evaluation of research. Students carry out a research project and report on its development during seminars. Students also discuss ongoing research in department laboratories, with emphasis on choice of problems, research design, and data analysis.

Other Courses Taught

Applied Developmental Psychology (Psyc 319)

Applied Developmental Psychology (Psyc 319) provides a comprehensive overview of the application of theories and research in developmental psychology to contemporary social issues. Developmental psychology has the potential to make meaningful contributions to the myriad issues concerning infants, children, adolescents, and families in contemporary society. Students will have the opportunity to explore ways in which developmental research enriches our understanding and guides our treatment of contemporary social issues. Public policies will be evaluated in light of psychological research. The course has a lecture format with class discussions.